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   In nature we find patterns, designs, & structures from the tiniest particles to the greater cosmos. These shapes follow geometrical archetypes which reveal to us the principle of our divine  interconnectedness, union, diversity, and the blueprint for the mind. We believe in a sacred foundation of all things created.


   Hello, my name is Tom Sky Adams. Since opening this year of 2020 we are dedicated to helping you build your ideas for your home remodeling & restorations. Our family owned business offers dedication and detail for our clients. I have over 25 years of experience in construction & remodeling. We look forward to crafting for our clients in the community of Burien and Seattle greater area. Specializing in all home remodeling including kitchen / bathroom remodels and patio / deck designs. Schedule a consultation for a free quote to discuss your blueprint, and start building your foundation today.  Thank you for visiting our website & make it a great day!

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Phone:206-853-9891 / 206-853-9523  

Our UBI# 604 612 473 

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My are a licensed, bonded, & insured company.

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Owner Sky Adams

Owner Sky Adams

Owner / Operations Manager / Master Craftsman

Amber Adams

Amber Adams

Owner / Administrative Manager

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